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Rebound Edition: Illustrious Items

Torn Tales: Rebound Edition introduces a brand new type of item designed to completely shake up the way you play.

Illustrious items are only found in the new side quests located at the end of each chapter in Rebound Edition. Each has a special effect that will have explosive results if built around correctly.

Town Bell: Summon a personal militia to fight by your side.

Obtained by defeating the Tax Collectors in the Hand of the People side quest.

Solitaire Of Celerity: Reset the cooldowns of all of your abilities.

Obtained by defeating all 5 guardians in the Trial of the Ruins side quest.

Arcanist’s Cube: Use a random Amulet effect from anywhere in the game.

Obtained by connecting your steam account to the Torn Tales Discord RPG.

There are many more Illustrious items to find, including some which can only be unlocked by completing bonus objectives within the side quests.

We’re also looking to add more Illustrious items in the future, and we want your suggestions!

Post any ideas you have in the tt-game-feedback channel on the Discord Server!

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